Friday, October 3, 2008

Dont Wait For Financial freedom Get it NOW!!!

hello my friend

I just want to take this opportunity to share with you my recent experience of awakening and financial growth.

Like many of you, I have work in different jobs and had satisfaction in certain areas of our lives.

Like many of you I have wondered about how my life should be if i have made the most of it and taken a different decision at some point in life.

I have started my journey in search of a better future. A future that I am confident that I am more than capable of achieving. A life of abundance and fulfillment. I have came to realise that the life I want needs to be healthy, happy and wealthy.

As you all know that the world economy seems to be gloomy. This is uncertain times and how we handle ourselves are very important. I have recently attended Unleash the Power Within, lead by Anthony Robbins. He is an amazing man on stage or off stage. During the 4 day seminar I can feel the energy of the whole crowd blowing the roof off. It certainly gave me lots of motivation and tools to deal with my fear and limiting beliefs. That gave me some success in finances but that is just not enough for me. Anywhere you read now, it is all about inflation going up, crash of the stock market, the 700 Billion bail out. All the words you can associate with the financial world is slumps, bail out, tumbles, cautious, etc. The thing we need right now is the financial literacy that was never taught in school. The knowledge can potentially give us the opportunity of a life time. Some of the richest men made more money during time of crisis than during good times. What they have is the knowledge and skill to enable them to take advantage of these opportunities and be ready to ride the next wave of wealth creation. Unleash the Power Within gave me the motivation and determination to face these challenges, and now it is time for me to acquire the knowledge and skill I must have to achieve my financial freedom.

I will be attending the Wealth Mastery 2008. It is a total immersion process which give you everything you need to kick start your goal for financial independence. I am looking forward to totally transform my financial mindset and be prepared for any huddles in my way of achieving financial success. I urge you to come and join me in this incredible opportunity to learn and grow mentally and financially. 2008 is the very last time that Australia can take advantage of this life-changing event.