Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Property Market Fundamental in Australia

Currently there are a lot of different views on the property market. Basically I have noticed that there are people who thinks that the economy is going down so it is not wise to be getting into any type of investment. There are people who is unsure of what is going on. Some of these people might have loss money in their shares and super funds but still see that there are incentives buying their first home or an investment property. Then there are people who say that it is a good time to buy because the time is right despite all the negative press about the future of Australia's economy forecast. So like most of you, with all these mix messages I'm a bit confused too. Like most of us out there we are not professional investors (YET!).

I'm a beginner, but not just like any other beginner who just follow what their friends or family say. I have always been interested in doing thing bit differently than everyone else and searching for the real fact. I have learned that to invest successfully you need the advise of successful investors. What better way to learn than from someone who has already achieved it. Rather than someone who just assume that is the way something works. I too want the best advise in these confused time, I too want to create wealth and happiness, I too want to help others to become financially free.

So as you can see from the article Australia's economic situation is different from US. Population in Aus is climbing up as oppose to US steadily declining. Vacancy rate in Aus is going down while US is moving up. So there is will be a lot of demand for place to live. The fundamental factor of demand is there and will push up price of properties. Even though the current world economic is effecting Aus, I believe it will not be long term. Everything that is happening around the world is blurring most people's view. But looking at the basic demand, property value is going to go up. Rent is going to continue to increase helping your loan repayment. All these factors are saying YES! so I'm saying yes!!

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