Thursday, October 16, 2008

first home grant

During the recent economy crisis there has been a lot of negative view in the world. Certain group of people see this as an oppotunity. I am no economic expert, i can only think about what i can do in these time. I think being scared is no use there are already lot of people doing that. I can see some oppotunities which is in favoure of me.The interest rate has recently drop a massive 1% which gives a lot of relief to people paying mortgage. I have recentl bought an investment property in Melbourne Dockland. The interest rate doest look good. Im looking at buying another one in Sydney. While i am preparing to reserve a property and thinking about how to come up with the deposit. The government announces the First-home grant rise. Now it looks really helpful. I think this can give more affortability to first home buyers like myself. Of cause others will say that this will creat more price rise for properties and push prices of other stuff up as well. i am not sure what will happen but i think if everyone is scare to buy things should be cheaper than usual. I have been living my life like everyone else without much big success. I think it is time to do something different.