Wednesday, September 17, 2008

unleash the power within

after many months of searching and learning time has come to take another leap. i have been waiting for this week for many months. I am about to see Anothony Robbins, the world's no. 1 peak performance master!

i will be seeing him in person for the 2nd time and this time i will closer. i was told that i will be in the spitting zone. Being the last one in Australia i am looking forward to enjoying the big going away party!!

i have been using Anthony's teaching and thinking for some time now and it has help me improve in some many area. Financially, emotionally, physically, mentally and unintentionally. Things have changing. bit by bits.

now looking back it is less than half a year since i first attended Date with Destiny and feeling amazing after 6 days of rave party like atmosphere.

my confidence have improved. my dreams have become bigger. my friends have increased. my money has also been coming in and that is something i am looking forward in recieving a lot more in the coming months. i already have some ideas on my mind.

Ye baby YEEEEE